About Us

Saheba has a Bachelor's degree in Design and has been designing for more than a decade now. Design wasn't a career option for her, it was a calling.

Each space demands a certain kind of design and more often than not – the design unfolds in Saheba's mind within the first ten minutes of being in a space. The rest is interpretation of that vision on paper.

The first independent project she did was a small 2500 sq.ft lounge in 2004 and has successfully completed hospitality projects, a dozen residences, and boutique retail and loved every minute of giving each space a unique identity.

Having worked Pan-India and Dubai, the firm is now doing projects in the U.S. and Canada and also setting up a design lab for furniture/product design in Delhi. We are also doing tie-ups with some International Hospitality chains that are coming to India and working on some new and innovative concepts for the Indian market.

"There comes a time when your work is not something that you do. It becomes who you are."
Saheba Singh
This Is It Designs Pvt Ltd.

our associates

"Neha did her graduate diploma in Interior Design and has been working as a Designer for over 8 years, with both studio and practical on site, experience in the field. Neha is a recognized Interior blogger. Her page 'Interioraesthete' is one of the most coveted ones in London and handles the our studio in London."

Neha Malhotra
This Is It Designs Pvt Ltd.

Our Team

  • Munish

    Architect, B.Arch. 2014,
    Experience: 2 Yrs
    Philosophy: Eat, Sleep, Architecture, Repeat.

  • Pinki

    3D Visualizer, Bsc. in Multimedia, 2013,Msc. in Multimedia, 2015
    Punjab Technical University,
    Experience: 4 Yrs.
    Philosophy: Making beautiful things makes our lives worthwhile.

  • Monica

    Interior Design, Graduated 2013, South Delhi Polytechnic For Woman,
    Experience: 2 Yrs.
    Philosophy: Good Exposure, leads to creative outlook.

  • Shriya

    B.Arch. 2015
    BMCA, Bhopal
    Philosophy : "I Call Architecture Frozen Music"
    Experience: 1 Yrs

  • Rishab

    3D Visualizer
    Diploma in 3D Multimedia, 2016, MAAC, Delhi, B.Com(P) 2017, Ignou
    Experience : 1 year
    Philosophy : Imagination is the beginning of creation.

  • Nitin Gagneja

    3D Visualizer
    3D Visualizer, Degree in 3D Multimedia Animation & VFX, 2008, MAAC, Delhi, B.Com(P) 2006, Delhi University
    Experience : 9 year
    Philosophy : Creating Reality Through Thoughts.

  • Gursimran Singh

    Architect, B.Arch. 2015, KR Managalam School of Architecture and Planning, New Delhi,
    Experience: 3 Yrs.
    Philosophy: Still working on it!

  • Rajender

    3D Visualizer
    BSc. Multi-media Animation, New Delhi.
    Philosophy : Visualizing spaces, day and night!

  • Swati Gupta

    Interior Designer, D.E.I Technical collage Agra.
    Philosophy:- Everyone can design , but only some can define their design

  • Tanvi Chadha

    IGBC AP B.Arch, 2017

  • Ayushi Gupta

    Sushant School of Art and Architecture, 2017

  • Shreya Dheer

    Architect, B.Arch-2014,
    Sushant school of Art and Architecture